Casey Welcomes Dan Kenny, Senior Operations Director

Dan Kenny, Senior Operations DirectorDan has over 20 years of international heavy industrial construction experience in the fields of mining, metals, process, chemicals, power, and highways.

Prior to joining Casey Industrial Dan held several corporate roles with his prior company, overseeing industrial capital and maintenance projects throughout the United States and Australia. He brings an expertise and background in multiple industries and delivery methods that parallel and align with the core focus of Casey Industrial.

As Senior Operations Director, Dan oversees projects throughout the continental United States. Currently, he is focused on the successful execution of CalPlant I’s Rice Straw MDF Plant in California.

Dan holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Exeter University in the United Kingdom.

Casey Performs Largest Lift in Company History

Casey Team with Large Press Lift at SMS

Casey Industrial is proud to announce their participation in the largest lift in the company's history. SMS Meer is providing the world's largest forging press to Weber Metals, an aerospace component manufacturer based in Paramount, California. Casey is performing the press assembly, piping, and electrical work and executed the foundation beam lift which weighs almost 4.5 million pounds and is the largest module. The press will weigh over 9,000 tons - more than the weight of the Eiffel Tower - when fully assembled and is estimated to be complete in the first quarter of 2018.

Casey Industrial Celebrates 70 Years

Casey Team with Safety Shirts On

Casey Industrial is celebrating 70 years as an experienced and diverse leader within the industrial construction industry.

Founded in Albany, Oregon, in 1947, Casey has expanded from an initial focus on forest and building products to broadening its scope and successfully diversifying into power, industrial and environmental markets. With continued year-over-year growth and expansion, Casey maintains a strong commitment to their vision, core values, and culture of integrity.

Casey prides itself as a multi-craft industrial contractor with the ability to self-perform all major craft trades in order to ensure greater safety, quality, flexibility, and economy in delivering the work required to complete each project.

Casey is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with extensive work experience in 46 states.

It's Time for a Change

Previous Industrial Projects

Since our founding in 1947, a few things have changed at Casey Industrial. We moved our headquarters from Albany, Oregon to Denver and expanded our service offerings from Forest and Building Products to include Power, Industrial Processes and Environmental.

To promote the things that have changed, and those that haven't, Casey is proud to announce the launch of our new website. We believe these changes reflect the company as it stands today.

What hasn't changed is our commitment to our principle values: People Matter and Do the Right Thing. At Casey, a strong company culture is the core of our business. We pride ourselves in conducting business the right way, treating employees, partners and customers with integrity, honesty and respect.