Casey Returns to Florida

Substation in Florida

Casey Industrial has mobilized to Tallahassee, Florida to commence construction of a project for the City of Tallahassee. This project involves work at two sites – Substation 12 and A.B. Hopkins Generating Station. At Substation 12, Casey will install two clean natural gas-fired 34SG Wärtsilä Reciprocating Engines to increase reliability, improve efficiency, and reduce environmental impact to meet customer demand. Casey will install four clean natural gas-fired 50SG Wärtsilä Reciprocating Engines (72 MW total) at the existing Hopkins site to replace less efficient units.

Casey has extensive experience with Reciprocating Engines, having installed over 100 units to date throughout the United States. We are excited to bring our expertise to Florida, and look forward to performing a successful project for the City of Tallahassee.

Construction for both sites is underway, allowing for the plants to be commercially operational by October 2018 (Substation 12) and January 2019 (Hopkins).