Casey Gains Traction in CLT Market

Casey Industrial has been awarded a contract with Katerra to construct their 250k square foot mass timber manufacturing facility in Spokane, Washington. Casey will self-perform mechanical and electrical work through early 2019.

Cross Laminated Timber, which will be produced in this facility, is a relatively new building product with a low carbon footprint and sound structural integrity. This product can be used for residential homes, office buildings, apartment complexes, and other commercial spaces. Because of the pre-cut and fabricated nature of the material, the use of CLT in these applications has resulted in a 20% faster construction schedule, as well as reduced risk.

As companies in our industry strive to reduce environmental impact and seek out sustainable alternatives to development and construction, Casey is pleased to be a part of bringing CLT to America and we look forward to taking part in the future development and construction of CLT facilities across the country.